Membership Form


If you would like to become a member of the SCA 2019 rodeo season please download the membership form below.  Fill out and mail back to the SCA with the membership fees.


FAQs About the Membership

Can I buy my membership at the first rodeo? - Yes! 

Do I have to buy my membership before the first rodeo? - No, you can buy it any time, but if you get points they wont count toward the year end until the membership is paid.

How much is the membership? - A single membership is $50 and a family membership is $70. If you buy it after June 13th there is an additional $20 late fee.

What if I don't want to be a member? Can I still come? - Yes! Everyone is welcome. There will be a $5 non-member fee at each rodeo per contestant. 

Can my child move up an age division? (EX. He/She is a JR can he/she run as a SR) - Yes, but he/she will need to move up in all events and if the child starts out the season in the higher division he/she needs to compete in that age division all year. Once moved up you cannot move back.

Can my children share horses? - They can share horses for speed events (barrels & poles) if they NOT in the same age division. They can only share for goats and roping events. 

Can my child enter the open barrels and poles as well as their age division? - Yes but they points from the open will not count towards the all around in their age division. They will count for the open year end event award.

Membership Form

Please mail to Sarah Brownell 553 Dow Prong Road Banner, WY 82832

SCA 2019 Membership Form (pdf)